Who We Are

Hodes Photography & Associates specializes in photographing People and Products for use in both advertising and industry. Shooting executive portraits, catalogs, corporate reports, fine jewelry, architecture, national advertising and publicity campaigns...no job is too big or too small. Specializing in the simple to the elaborate, you can rely on their expertise as they define your needs. You can depend on their creativity and strong work ethic for a truly professional shoot. Hodes Photography & Associates are visual communication professionals. Their main objectives are to create that perfect photographic image by streamlining techniques and to reduce the overall cost of a photograph in order to capture a market that is burdened by high unrealistic prices as well as confusing legalities. From concept to completion, they are fast, experienced, knowledgable, and guarantee all their work! Most importantly, your projects are handled by experts who understand the importance of deadlines, budgets, and open communication. Their services are highly personalized. They want their clients to be extremely successful in business so they believe in a working partnership with them. They consider themselves as part of their clients' team, helping them meet their objectives and at the same time, building a long term relationship which is based on trust. When you require clean, simple, high quality photography and you’re under severe time restraints and tight budgets, you owe it to yourself, your customers and your clients...so please turn to Hodes Photography & Associates for all your communication needs. Thank you very much. They look forward to shooting with you soon!